Lindley Planning Shock

Local residents shocked as Labour Cllrs vote to build 252 houses & industrial units on Lindley Moor


The views of local residents have been ignored again by Labour    Kirklees Councillors who voted through yet another controversial development on  Lindley Moor.


Local Conservative campaigner Gemma Wilson spoke against the development as did local Conservative Councillor Mark Hemingway. “Labour just aren’t listening to local residents. This development is totally                    unsustainable and should have been rejected,” said Gemma.


“Other recent applications have put an intolerable burden on local services. Lindley’s excellent schools are bursting at the seams, local GP surgeries are full and the roads are congested. Enough is enough. The Lindley Moor area just can’t take any more development. In every possible definition of the word, this is surely the most                 unsustainable application ever to have been submitted to a local planning authority. Shame on the Labour party,” said Jason McCartney.


Lindley residents are now set to punish Labour at the polls on 7th May.